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5 Common Questions About Nose Piercings That Everyone Wants to Know

If you’re considering getting a nose piercing, you’ve likely turned to the internet to find out a bit more information about what this might entail. Luckily, there is an extensive list of all the questions you may have about a nose piercing, and more!

  1. Does a Nose Piercing Hurt?

Any sort of piercing can hurt, but nose piercings tend to be on the lower end of the pain spectrum. Ear piercings tend to be the lowest threshold of pain, and nose piercings are just above. The best part about a nose piercing is that the piercing process itself is very quick.

  1. How Long is The Overall Process?

With walking into the shop, filling out the correct paperwork, and getting the piercing, it can sometimes be done within 30 minutes. It takes longer to fill out paperwork than it does for the actual piercing itself!

  1. Which Piercing is Best for a Nose Piercing?

There are two main different types of nose piercings you can get. These are:

  • The nostril, which is the most common piercing type for your nose. Many shops will start your nose piercing with a stud, then move to a nose ring. This gives your nose time to heal before adding any different jewellery types.
  • The septum, which is the place just underneath your nose. Unlike nostril piercings, these usually start with a horseshoe hoop, due to the nature of the piercing.
  1. How Do I Clean My Nose Piercing? 

The best way to keep your piercing clean and fresh is to use a saline solution. Use this often and avoid applying it with your hands or fingers. Try to use a Q-tip or cotton ball every time. To best keep your nose clean, do not touch your face or play with your piercing. Increase your use of saline solution if there is a chance of infection. If this does not seem to be working, you can visit a doctor for antibiotics.

  1. How Do I Know if my Piercing Shop is Trustworthy? 

The best way to get high-quality service is to make sure you visit a high-quality shop. Check reviews on Yelp or Google here—this is a great tool to see real reviews others have given. Check to see that the shop is clean, and the instruments used are either new or often sterilized.

With the right amount of research and courage, you can find a nose ring perfect for you.

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