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A Creative Way to Make Slime for Kids at Home

The level of popularity of slime among kids has reached a peak in the past few years. Every child wants to have their share of fun by playing with messy slime. Meanwhile, some parents and guidance use slime to teach and educate children. On the other hand, health workers also recommend it for therapy sessions for some children. The popularity of slime has contributed to the increased cost of already-made slime.

The drastic rise in cost price is enough reason for parents to know the easy way to make slime without breaking the bank. Slime-making can be done by parents alone or with the kids. Making slime with the kids helps to create a bond with the parents. This article will discuss creative ways to make slime for kids at home.

Basic Ingredients Required to Make Slime

There are several ingredients required to make slime. Your choice of ingredients will depend solely on the type of slime you intend to create. However, essential ingredients must be present for the slime to come out well. They include:


Glue is an essential ingredient for slime. It is responsible for the stickiness of slime. It helps provide the necessary texture for the slime.


The activator with the glue has the perfect texture and slime blend. Both will be used in the desired quantity to determine the quality of the slime texture. One of the common activators is Borax. Meanwhile, some parents do not want their children to have access to such ingredients. Hence, they hop on something less toxic, like saline solution.


Water is needed to adjust the consistency of the slime. It is responsible for regulating the thickness of the slime. Water is necessary to give the slime the perfect sensory experience.


Since the slimes will be made for kids, it is advisable to add coloring as part of the ingredients. These colors help to make the slime more attractive, hence increasing the need for the kids to play with slime.

These slime ingredients can be obtained from a standard slime shop.

Traditional Method for Slime Making

While some parents don’t like Borax as an ingredient in slime-making, the traditional way of making slime includes using Borax and glue. If you do not have enough to buy several ingredients, you can easily follow these steps to make the traditional slime.

Step-by-step Process for Making Traditional Slime

  • Buy your ingredients from a trusted slime store to prevent buying a fake.
  • Mix half a cup of white glue with water in a mixing bowl.
  • Stir gently to combine thoroughly.
  • Slowly pour the Borax solution into the mixture and stir gently but continuously.
  • As you mix, the slime will begin to form into its soggy shape.
  • Continue to add the ingredients to adjust the consistency of the slime to your taste.
  • Get creative and add glitters and beads to make the slime more fancy. You can create specific shapes and characters from the slime. These tiny details draw the child’s interest in slime.


There are several types of slime that you can try if you have enough money to spare. All you need to do is ensure you have good-quality ingredients. The different kinds of slime include edible, magnetic, and fluffy slime. These slime varieties allow the child to have various options to choose and play from.

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