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Makeup Singapore Artists Suggest Wear Makeup According To Skin Type

Many people do their makeup, but they do it wrong or incorrectly. Makeup is all about being confident in your skin and enhancing your features. Doing your makeup is not that hard. Makeup can only take a few minutes if you go for a simple, everyday look. The best makeup singapore artists suggest that a person should always do their makeup according to their face shape and skin type.

How to do makeup right?

There are no hard and fast rules to do makeup. However, some tips can come in handy when doing your makeup.

Know your skin type

It is important to understand your skin type. This includes understanding the skin color, tone, and texture. You should choose your makeup according to your skin color always.

Less is more

Applying layers and layers of foundation and concealer can leave your face cakey. Remember with makeup, less is more. Natural makeup will help you look your best.


Makeup is all about blending. You should bend your foundation, contour, and face powder to create a subtle look. This will also ensure that there are no makeup lines on your face.

Use a good lipstick

Use a good-quality lipstick to enhance the natural color of your lips. A bold and colorful lipstick will make you look fresh and young.

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