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The History of Vaping

The use of e-cigarettes, or vaping as it is known, has been around for quite a few years, indeed, a form of vaping was used by the Egyptians as long as 4,000 years ago when they used very hot stones to vape various herbs. These herbs gave off a pleasant aroma that was believed to have medicinal values, and around the same time, the shisha was being used in India, something that is still popular today.

The Birth of Modern Vaping

There was one attempt to create an electronic cigarette in 1927, when a man called Joseph Robinson had an idea, although it never really got off the ground. The first real e-cigarette was invented in 1963 by Herbert Gilbert, who called the device a ‘smokeless, non-tobacco’ cigarette, and actually patented the device in 1965, yet with cigarette smoking very trendy at that time, Gilbert’s invention did not really make an impression.

The 1980s

This was the time when two men, Phil Ray and Normal Jacobson got together and managed to make an e-cigarette, however, at that time the FDA would not allow the device to be sold to the public. It wasn’t until 2006 that we first saw vaping arrive on the commercial scene, when a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik invented the electronic cigarette as we know it today, and with the help if his employer, the device was marketed around the world, starting with Europe. His motivation stemmed from the fact that his father had passed away due to lung cancer, which gave him the drive to find another way to ingest nicotine.

Vaping Today

Vaping has become a huge industry, and apart from enabling millions of people to quit smoking, there are many delicious flavours when you visit a vape shop online, where you can order many vape sticks, accessories, e-liquid and starter kits for beginners. Some people are really into vaping in a big way and you can buy individual components and build your very own vape stick, while experimenting with the hundreds of e-liquid flavours.

Major Components of an E-Cigarette

The modern vape stick comprises of the following parts:

  • The Mouthpiece – This is a short plastic section that the user puts to their lips, much like they would a cigarette, and inhales the vapour.
  • The Atomiser – This heats the e-liquid to a temperature where it turns into vapour using a special coil that is powered by a small rechargeable battery.
  • The Battery – The battery can either be activated by pressing a tiny button or simply inhaling, and many vapers carry a spare battery for extended use.
  • Cartridge / Tank – This contains the e-liquid that is fed into the atomiser and turned into vapour.

An Aid to Quitting Smoking

As vaping allows the user to regulate a controlled dose of nicotine, many tobacco smokers have turned to vaping in their quest to quit smoking, and the success rate is very high.

If you would like to experience vaping, search online for a leading vape supplies store and you can order a starter kit online.

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